Soil Depositions

Soil Depositions responds to the eviction of 300 Irish Travellers from Dale Farm, Essex in October 2011. The project addresses the harrowing consequences of dispossession by asking contributors to deposit Dale Farm soil in public spaces across the UK and elsewhere. Since the eviction, there has been little media attention about where the former residents of Dale Farm were subsequently housed. Travellers were not offered ethnically-appropriate accommodation, and instead, were immiserated and displaced by the eviction.


Three former residents donated Dale Farm soil on December 18th 2011, two months after the eviction, and as part of a project dedicated to United Nation’s International Migrants Day ¬†


They collected the soil from plots where their static homes stood and shared it for future actions as a means for non-Travellers to consider how nomadism endures. Before they gifted the soil, the women gave accounts of the clearance where bailiffs and one hundred police parted them from their property, and they described their present situation of homelessness. Contributors to the project use the following women’s audio account as a stimulus when deciding where to deposit their soil.